Rogelio Braga is an exiled playwright, novelist, essayist, and political activist from the Philippines. They published two novels, a collection of short stories, and a book of plays before they left the archipelago in 2018. Unable to return home due to the deteriorating state of human rights and freedom of expression in the Philippines, Braga is the first Filipino writer who fled to the United Kingdom seeking protection from persecution, state harassment, and censorship since Duterte came to power in 2016. They were a fellow of the Asian Cultural Council for theatre in Southeast Asia in 2016 and a recipient of the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature for their fiction. Braga is being supported by Kanlungan Filipino Consortium as one of the hundreds of vulnerable Filipino migrants living in London today and currently volunteers for Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines (CHRP). Miss Philippines is their debut play written entirely in their second language, English.


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